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On A Chain

by Heavy Hearts

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No Heaven 03:18
Praying to a God who sleeps when I call out. Hope that when we die we'll deviate. I can feel myself disappearing into nothing. I'm fine with fading out. Trace my body on the pavement, let the rain wash out your thoughts of me. If I don't believe in heaven does that mean I can't go? Hollow out my veins and use me as your own. I miss the innocence of being alone.
Macramé 04:12
I've been passing through a tunnel to hold my breath and burning the candle at both ends. I hate the way my body shakes when you walk along my grave. Fall away, fall apart. I hit the bottom in a different colour. Will you pray you're remembered the way that you want? Nothing but the image is permanent. There's a place inside your head I pretend was made to hold our bodies when we float on. We could cover our mistakes but keep me in your memory. This could be the last we speak. We all dissolve. Our lives will end the same way they start, without an answer. A macramé stretching our bones along a wire.
I wish that I could show my face and prey on the replica I create. On and on watch me come undone. (They've got my eyes but we're not the same.) Wish our two was one. (We're bound together on a chain.) Stay down you're all that I want. (If I was God I wouldn't let you be lonely.) Stay down you're all that I want. (You don't care enough to keep me.) Fade out a line in the snow so you'll never know shame. Let me wash all the cuts that you cover up. Unravel your love. All I know is I don't want to die I just want to stop and dive into a place that you can't follow. Cause I don't want to die. Stay down.
Yur Head 01:42
You are just a stone that would rather be alone. What am I supposed to do when all the bliss is gone? You would rather rest but the damage you invent doesn't even break the skin it's only in your head. Finish the stitch threading the needle through the hole in your chest. It hurts if you let it. We are the same when I hear you crying through your can on a string. It hurts if you let it. It only hurts if you let it.
Easy Mark 02:33
I'm the cancer in your chest. I'm your comfortable regret. I drew you in along a string. You know you were an easy mark. Sew yourself to me. I'll be your poison today, I'll be your poison always. I'll be your poison. I'm your temporary heaven. Every day stays the same. Let's recreate the love we made then see how far we drift away. Please don't pull away cause I need to feel the sympathy that you haven't given to me. I'll be your poison. Take your love from me so I can chase it. Where I want to be is where you are. You could hide away but I'll still be there to play the victim.
Headroom 03:58
We've been shaking on our branches. Hands behind our back. Cause I can't hear your voice above the vices. I can't live without it, the love we animate. You'll move on without me. Sting and separate. You're so tired of the same place and I'm sorry that I'm not what you want, but if heaven was a place that would take us would you waver your devotion? Pull me out of my safe place. Let's watch ourselves slow and decay. I'll always see the shade in you, but I won't see the shade in me. You exist in my headroom nowhere else. Even though you see right through, you take me down to a warmer place. Even though you see right through, does it hurt when you think of me? You're so tired of the same place.


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released October 27, 2017


all rights reserved



Heavy Hearts Niagara On The Lake, Ontario

magic band.


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